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Originally this week I had planned to dedicate time to writing out Leo's birth story. That plan got put on the back burner when I received a series of surprise emails over the course of a couple days requesting interviews regarding a recent post on my Instagram. While any media attention stemming from my humble little thoughts is appreciated, it is certainly unexpected. The topic that got attention was my thoughts regarding how I use the term 'rainbow baby'. I hope it reached some moms that might be thinking the same as I do or at least was read by understanding ears. My intent is never to discredit anyone and certainly not to disrespect the term. Anyone I have met who is stumbling along this same confusing path of life after losing a child understands we are all just doing the very best we can with this confusing and heartbreaking hand we have been dealt. There is no one right way to process the events that have happened, continue on with life or to make peace with your own heart. One person's process is not anothers. The ideas and thoughts that make sense to me might be someone else's nightmare.  If nothing else ever becomes of this, I am thrilled that more people have read my story and most importantly now know about Sylvia. She is a little girl with a purpose and I am so, so proud. 

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