I'm still here. I promise.

For a while now I have been wanting to upgrade and restyle the blog. Initially I needed to get my thoughts out. I created the blog as quickly as I knew how and got to writing. Professionally it was never aesthetically pleasing but I didn't really care, nor was that its point at the time. The last several months have been hard. I haven't been blogging simply out of fear of what would come out. Words run wild once you start typing; its raw, its emotional and it can be very, very dark. While I pride myself on my openness, I do know the internet can be a mean place and I have every right to keep my more intense, more confusing emotions to myself. Apologies for the distance, as it was not my intent to be gone for so long. I am worming my way back though after this hiatus and decided to start out with a fresh design and new web hosting. After several very long, very exhausting days with tech support and many, many tears I had to manually transfer all my posts instead of in a lump where all my content should have travelled together. This involved a lot of copying and pasting, guys. I lost all my comments and need to reenter all the images associated with each post. Frustrating, yes, but at least all my work is still safe. Thank you for following this journey, I wish I could have saved all the comments but I threw in the towel with my previous web hostings frustrating customer service. As I continue to keep working out the kinks and exploring this new host, please be patient, but I promise regular posting, lots of updates and a smoother overall blog is on its way. Sending lots of love. xo

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