Hello and welcome to my little corner of the web.

However you ended up here, I hope you find something special in my writings. Maybe you know myself, my husband, my family or our story personally. Maybe you are in a similar situation and looking for comfort, words of advice or simply a story that doesn’t make you feel so alone. Maybe you stumbled here by some random fluke of 100 layers deep into internet. However it happened, here you are, reading about a story I feel compelled to share so that I can at least try and process the events that lead my husband and myself to this moment.

Our daughter, Sylvia, was born without a heartbeat on August 12, 2016. She was our first child, our entire world and all of our hopes and dreams. She was beautiful, perfect and has forever changed us. Paloma, her middle name, means ‘dove’ in Spanish, my husbands first language. It was to be her middle name since the beginning of second trimester. How heartbreakingly, poetically perfect that now she is our little dove, flying high and free with brave little wings.

These writings are for her, myself and my husband and I hope you enjoy them. Xo